• When Luke Combs’ Fans Needed Him, He Was There for Them
    On Wednesday afternoon (Dec. 11), Luke Combs did what any artist with a growing fanbase should do. He loved his fans right back. He opened up Twitter for a Q&A with his fans, answering questions about everything from beer and dogs and sports to teachers and Post Malone and his old Vine videos. Here is... […]
  • The Ins and Outs of Writing a Song with Eric Church
    The art of songwriting has never ceased to amaze me. As a lover of words, I’ve always wondered how someone could take ordinary words and string them together in an extraordinary way. And then put a melody behind that poetry that takes it to the next level. It’s a gift. And now I know what... […]
  • WATCH: Madison Kozak “Little Bit of You”
    Embedded from www.youtube.com.
  • LISTEN: Maren Morris, Now and Zen
    I think I know when Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd will be having their baby. Because remember this summer when she started posted pictures of her Hawaiian vacation? It was June 25, to be exact. She was there with her husband Ryan Hurd, and they wrote songs, drank tropical drinks and shot the video for... […]
  • CMT Next Up Now, Volume 14
    Next Up Now brings together a variety of country music videos each week. Check out these artists and find out who their influences are — directly from the musicians themselves. Then come back each week to discover who you should be listening to next. Buck 22 f. The Oak Ridge Boys, “Giddyup (Elvira)” Embedded from... […]


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