Don Brown State Farm Insurance – Citizen of the Month

This month’s nominee was nominated by Fatima Naylor.  Belenda Thrash will be receiving a $50 gift card from Coast Central Credit Union.


“As the parent of two children with special needs, I must be my children’s voice, until they find their own. I must be my children’s eyes, until they can tell me what goes on around them each day. I must be fully aware of the people that I allow to surround my children, because they cannot always tell me.
I’m writing a letter of nomination for Balenda (aka Bobbie) Thrash to be considered for Citizen of the Month. Our entire family has had the extreme pleasure of having Bobbie work one on one with our oldest son, Caden. She has worked with Caden for seven consecutive years as his classroom aide. She is extremely loving, adaptable, organized and highly creative. Bobbie wants Caden to be successful in every new endeavor. I can recall many times when she would call our home to let us know how proud she was of my him and what new milestone he had reached in the classroom. As a special needs parent, I yearned for those moments when I would hear positive words about my beautiful son. Balenda has worked closely with our family to make sure what was being taught in the classroom could be also implemented in the home. She is a support system for us to collaborate, laugh and celebrate with. She maintains impeccable records of all of his assessments and is beyond flexible with change. Bobbie has helped my child with the smallest of tasks such as cutting up his food, drinking from a cup, eating his food, going to the bathroom, and making new friends. She has walked the empty halls a million times with my little one to help calm his overwhelmed mind. She has learned his personality, his quirks, his strengths and his weaknesses. She has never given up on Caden. Bobbie continuously “pours” herself into my boy, even though he rarely verbalizes a “thank you.” His “thank you” is seen in the way he places his head on her shoulder when he is overwhelmed, or when he stims from excitement after he successfully does a project, or when he calms after her touch when he is over-stimulated.
She always goes the extra mile for Caden. She exudes grace and kindness to my child through this important time in his childhood. Her job doesn’t end when the bell rings or when Caden gets on the bus to come home. She always sees Caden as more than just a diagnosis. He is an amazing boy with a purpose and she helps us find his strengths every day.
If I could, I would give her a big raise and a super-hero cape. But because I cannot, all I can offer is my heartfelt gratitude. We see all that she does and we are so thankful to her!
Balenda makes a difference, one child at a time.”