Bio: (Do you like her picture? It takes a village to keep her looking this good)


Kicking the BOOM BOOM into your trousers is Dakota LeAnn Summers, weekday mornings at 10 a.m. on Big Red 92.3 / 98.3 FM .


Dakota loves America, golden retrievers, and Little Debbie Snack Cakes. Not to mention Country Music! Having grown up in a tiny Oregon lakeside town, she knows what it’s like to go nuts, living out in The Sticks. She also appreciates that, out of all musicians, country artists make an effort to look attractive. Yep, she’s that shallow.


Dakota has no cake-eating dwarves at home (kids), nor a spousal unit; but she does have a young orchid named Cleo, currently in full bloom. When she’s not on the air, Dakota moonlights as a Countdown Specialist: handling numbers 16 through 10. She plays Texas Hold ‘Em in her spare time, but is so bad at it that she gets taco sauce all over the cards; and loses so much, she has to pay people in turquoise jewelry.


Give her a call sometime -- don’t make her wait: she’ll start perspiring and frighten the neighborhood cats! The party’s off the hook! Weekdays at 10 a.m., with Dakota LeAnn Summers.


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